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We Heart SmugMug

Jason Hsiao


We absolutely love everything about SmugMug… from their cutting-edge services and impeccable customer service to the transparency and personality that their website boasts. The guys that run that company are awesome and we’ve always considered the quality of their entire user experience and customer-centric approach a huge inspiration for us.  So you can only image how excited we are to announce this partnership and integration here at PhotoPlus in NYC.

SmugMug users can now create Animoto videos from their photos and video clips in their SmugMug accounts, while Animoto users can export their personalized video creations straight to SmugMug for storage, sharing, and reselling.

To create an Animoto video from within SmugMug, you simply click the “Buy” menu from within a gallery and select “Create an Animoto Video.”  You’re then redirected to and placed directly into the video creation process with your SmugMug photos and video clips already loaded. When the video is finished, you open the “Export” menu from Animoto’s video toolbox and select “SmugMug” to export the completed video back to SmugMug.

SmugMug’s CEO Don MacAskill kindly hosted Brad and Robert Scobble over at SmugMug HQ.  Scobble made this great video:


Animoto and SmugMug will be showcasing together in booths #465 and #467 at the PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo in New York City, October 22-24, 2009.