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Video Contest Finalists: Week 4 of 5

Jason Hsiao


Well, we were right – week 4 of the Video Contest really was awesome, and our best one yet It was a really tough choice, as this week’s finalists both showcased some great, easy ways to jazz up an Animoto video.

Mary N. of Houston, TX submitted a video of her trip to New York City. Check out that opening video clip! Mary didn’t mind sharing her secret to that cool effect: She set the camera up on a hot dog stand as her friends stood still and disappeared one by one. Then, she went into Windows Movie Maker and cut out the footage she didn’t want. A few minutes on Animoto later, Mary had a video worthy of an I Love NY commercial.

Nicole D. of Pleasanton, CA really showed off her creativity with her “Rock and Roll” video. Nicole also shared with us how she got that eye-catching punk-rock look – it was all done in Photoshop with a few simple steps.

That’s one cool third grade teacher!

Next week is the final week, everyone. Send us your best videos and maybe you, too, can see your name up on our Contest Winner Page!