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The New & Improved Video Player Page

Jason Hsiao


Animoto launches a brand new video player page with cool new features.

As previously mentioned, we’re undergoing a massive overhaul of our entire site to introduce a bunch of improvements and also lay the groundwork for exciting stuff to come.

Our latest release features a newly re-designed video player page. Improvements include:

  • A cleaner more minimal look that showcases videos at 1.5x their previous size
  • Load times that are 50-85% faster, depending on your user type
  • Visual HTML emails that include cover images for your shared videos
  • Editable video titles and descriptions
  • Expandable video toolbox for common features and downloads
  • Sexier comments using user avatars (profile pics)
  • Better sharing, including one-click sharing to Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter
  • Better embedding, including a customizable embedded player size

The new video player page:


The new expandable tool box:


The old video player page: