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Stevie Clifton on the Power of Video: Part II


stevie and ben

Stevie Clifton, co-founder and the CTO of Animoto, believes in the power of video.

In part two of this speech he gave in early 2012, he explains why (read part one).

I get excited when I think about what people can do with a tool as simple as Animoto.

I believe that video enables people to communicate in a truly unique way. That makes video a more valuable medium than any other. Making video creation accessible to everyone has huge potential. In five years, I want people to think of Animoto as the way to do anything with video. More than that, I want to be the reason why people think about using video to communicate with other people in the first place.

For us, this is a tricky combination of building the right product and helping people understand why video is such a powerful way to share experiences and communicate with other people. Right now, when people think of “using video”, they think of it as something that is captured and uploaded to YouTube or quickly edited in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. We need to change that perception.

Today, we know users who have a really seamless experience on Animoto actually start to get that there’s more happening than making a video. We hear their enthusiastic feedback and know we are on the right track. We want everyone to have this response. If we are doing our job well, people will be grateful they can communicate in a new way. This works for individuals as well as business people. “Well-produced” video is for making your experience more poignant than it was, for making your product look even better than you could describe, for making your wedding more magical than it was. It’s this distillation and amplification that can’t be achieved in any other way, and we are trying to help users experience that, many for the first time.

Giving people the power to express themselves in a meaningful way, an emotional way, is why Animoto is so important. We’ve believed in video ever since we were kids. And it’s why Jason Hsiao and I ended up creating Animoto. We believe in the power of video.

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