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Search for Common Ground

Jason Hsiao


Enter the Search for Common Ground video contest for a chance to win prizes and learn more about their awesome cause.

Since launching Animoto for a Cause, we’ve had a lot of success stories of groups and people using Animoto for good.  Here’s a great opportunity to join in and win a flip cam while doing so!

Search for Common Ground is an international nonprofit organization helping people to deal with conflict in nonviolent ways: by understanding their differences, but acting on their commonalities. The premise is that what binds us together is stronger than what divides us.

Contestants will upload images that answer the question, “What does common ground look like?” Click here to learn about their awesome cause, sign up, and possibly win a flip cam!

The winning video will also be featured at the Common Ground Award Ceremony & Film Festival in Washington DC, Search for Common Ground‘s website, and Animoto’s very own Cause site.