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Animoto for Photography Ad Campaign #6 of 10: Sandy Puc’

Jason Hsiao


We’re proud to introduce our sixth world-famous photography ad campaign participant: Sandy Puc’

It seems like just yesterday we started our quest to feature the world’s best professional photographers, and yet here we are in month 6. How time flies…

With industry heavy-weights like Vicki Taufer, Kevin Kubota, David Ziser, Kirk Voclain and Andy Bondurant under our belt, we’re incredibly proud to pass the campaign torch onto Sandy Puc’.

Sandy is the founder of Expressions by Sandy Puc’ out of Littleton, Colorado and the owner of Sam’s World University, which teaches photographers how to succeed and thrive in today’s photography market.

Her Family Tour kicked off on January 2nd in Denver, and will be reaching 50+ cities across North America, teaching photographers how to profit from their passion. Animoto is proud to be a part of her Family Tour. If you want to attend, be sure to use our code and receive $20 off admission. Our code: ANI10

Find out why Sandy is going gaga for Animoto.

Sandy Puc' for Animoto Photography Ad Campaign