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Animoto for Photography Ad Campaign #2 of 10: Kevin Kubota

Jason Hsiao


Animoto continues its Photography Ad Campaign with Kevin Kubota as this month’s featured photographer.

Last month, our featured professional photographer was the lovely Vicki Taufer. Not surprisingly, the response was crazy awesome; her mesmerizing photo speaks for itself. And so, the ad campaign continues.

This month, we’re excited to be introducing our next self-portrait from featured photographer #2, Kevin Kubota! Since he’s not one to brag, we’ll do it for him. =)

If you already know him or have seen him speak at conferences & tradeshows, then you already know that Kevin is without question one of the coolest, most talented and innovative people in the industry. He is the world-famous photographer behind the Kubota PhotoDesign studio. His work is featured in numerous publications and American Photo Magazine named Kevin one of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World”. And perhaps Kevin’s most significant contribution to the industry is his award-winning Kubota Image Tools software and creative workshops. They have empowered professional photographers around the world to do some truly incredible things with their work.

Oh, and did we mention that Kevin also uses Animoto?! Find out how Kevin uses Animoto for professional photography video.