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The New Animoto for Photography Ad Campaign #1 of 10: Vicki Taufer

Jason Hsiao


Vicki Taufer starts off our Animoto for Photography ad campaign with a gorgeous self-portrait.

You may know of V Gallery’s Vicki Taufer, the award-winning, internationally renowned, and ridiculously talented professional photographer. Vicki also happens to be the muse & inspiration behind the latest Animoto for Photography ad campaign.

It all started several weeks ago when Vicki emailed us this photo, an impromptu self-portrait session wearing an Animoto t-shirt. We had the exact same reaction that you’re probably having right now… Holy crap, who would have ever thought an Animoto t-shirt could look so good?!

Starting with August featuring Vicki, be on the look out for the Animoto series of full-page self-portraits from top names in the photography world. They’ll be appearing in professional photography’s top magazines in the months to come.