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New Plug-In for Apple Aperture

Erik Bjornard

Apple Aperture Plug-in for Animoto

We’re proud to announce the release of the Animoto plug-in for Aperture.

Today at PhotoPlus Expo in New York, we’re proud to release the new Animoto plug-in for Aperture. Available at no charge, the plug-in lets Aperture users initiate Animoto video projects from directly within Aperture. Now, even when working in Aperture, photographers are only a few clicks away from a stunning Animoto video.

Closely following the October 12th launch of our Lightroom plug-in, the release of our Aperture plug-in is a continuation of our ongoing effort to make it faster and easier for photographers to create professional video from their images and video clips. With Animoto plug-ins now available for both Lightroom and Aperture, and integrations with White House Custom Colour’s PickPic ProofPro, SmugMug and, it’s easier than ever for serious photographers to create Animoto videos, regardless of where they store, manage, manipulate, or sell their images.

Once downloaded and installed, the free plug-in allows Aperture users to pre-load Animoto video projects directly from Aperture. After the Aperture user selects photos and chooses “Animoto” from the Export menu, Animoto’s Aperture plug-in automatically resizes and exports images from Aperture to Animoto. This ensures the highest quality videos with minimal upload time and effort.

Below are the steps to install and use Animoto’s Aperture plug-in or you can visit:

  1. Follow the link above and download the plug-in
  2. Drag the plug-in to the plug-ins folder and restart Aperture
  3. Select your images and choose Animoto from the export menu
  4. Once the export is complete, you will be taken to Animoto

Plug-in requires Apple’ s Aperture version 3 or greater, an Animoto account, and an Internet connection. Compatible with Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later.