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Photographers Jeff And Allison Rodgers: No. 10 In Animoto For Photography Ad Campaign

Jason Hsiao


We are incredibly proud to present the finale to our extraordinary ten-month campaign featuring some of the top professional photographers this planet has to offer. As our 10th and final installment, we bring you Jeff and Allison Rodgers!

Jeff and Allison Rodgers have been working together in the photography business for a while now and using video slideshows as a part of their successful business strategy. This month, we are happy to spotlight them in our Animoto for Photography ad campaign.

Their rapid rise to success has been both astonishing and inspiring. Having met while working at various Memphis advertising agencies years ago, they quickly recognize that photography was their truest of passions. As a result, they started a new life chapter by opening Allison Rodgers Photographer in 2003… and they haven’t looked back since. Their unqiue blend of thoughtful design and incredible style has lead Jeff and Allison to become two of the hottest photographers in the country. Their studio continues to grow as light-speed, and if that wasn’t enough they’ve even recently expanded their influence offering classes and workshops on business management with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

As always, Animoto feels honored that the crème de la crème use Animoto to showcase their photography. And as such, we’re very proud to feature the Rodgers as our May photographers. Check out:!

If you want to learn more about the Rodgers, check out the lbobi: the Little Blog of Big Ideas. The Rodgers run lbobi is a community blog for creatives. In our not so humble opinion, it is beyond awesome.

Jeff and Allison Rodgers and Animoto

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