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Introducing 4 New Video Styles (Including one for Mother’s Day Videos!)

Becky Brooks


Our motion designers have been hard at work creating awesome new video styles.

Check out the four styles to hit today (including our newest Mother’s Day video style!)

Antique Bouquet – Mother’s Day Style

Color Shift

This fun and festive style has a lot of energy to bring your photos and video clips to life. Check it out below!

The Future

We don’t come from the future, but we like to use advanced video-creation techniques that make it look like we do. Check out our sci-fi inspired style below!

Black Matte – Pro Exclusive

If this style looks familiar, it’s because it’s the companion to Tamara Lackey’s video style, “Innocence.”

With the emphasis being solely on the photos, and having museum-style matting, this style is great for Pros looking to showcase their work.