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Introducing the New and Improved Pro Premium

Becky Brooks


When you sign up for Animoto Pro Premium account, you also get a Vimeo Pro account, double the Triple Scoop Music songs, a custom-post roll and the ability to sell your videos to other businesses.

Vimeo Pro not only has a sleek player that streams your HD videos effortlessly, but it also has a host of analytic/statistical data, customizing/branding tools and sharing options.


Check out our favorite Vimeo Pro features in the video below.

Vimeo Pro is $199/year on its own. You get instant value added to your Pro Premium account when you sign-up.

Custom Post-Roll

You also get a custom post-roll with your logo that you can choose to have included at the end of the video. Check out the video below that features a post-roll.

Double the Triple Scoop Music

Lastly, included in your Animoto Pro Premium membership is double the Triple Scoop Music songs available to Pro subscribers. 2000 TSM tracks in total, and 3000 commercially licensed songs in total.

Sign-up today if you’re interested in bringing videos you create for your small business or other businesses to the next level. Find pricing and information on Animoto Pro Premium here.