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The New Face of!

Jason Hsiao

Share undergoes a makeover.

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve been quietly updating and redesigning various parts of our website over the past few months. Today, we’re excited to be unveiling the new face of

We’re actually unveiling 1,700+ variations of our homepage that test different combinations of sample videos, images, buttons, taglines, quotes and blurbs.  It’ll take several weeks to hone in on the best results, so bare with us as you may see more changes in the coming months.  The eventual goal is to dynamically optimize the homepage experience for new visitors, return users… and of course, Ashton Kutcher.

You will also start seeing all other parts of the Animoto video creation experience undergoing a massive makeover.  We are aggressively setting the stage for a whole schlew of cool new things to come.

The new:


The old:


As always, we’d like to thank Red Bull, beer, and coffee.  Oh, and we’re also really into pretzels these days.