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Mobile Video Just Got Easier with Our Latest iPhone App Update

Becky Brooks


Our iPhone app has been improved yet again, making it easier than ever to create awesome videos on the fly with a completely redesigned creation flow.

Animoto iPhone App update makes mobile video easier

It’s now easier to peruse and preview our dozens of styles. In fact, checking out Animoto’s video styles will be the first thing you do when creating a video.

With dozens of styles to choose from, we’ve made it easier to check them all out.

You’ll see a dynamic preview for each style that gives you a taste for that style’s motion design – making the video style selection process more fun and less cumbersome.

Animoto iPhone video app now easier and more awesome

When you choose your video style, we’ll give you song suggestions that were hand-picked to complement that style’s motion design.

You’ll also notice that you’ll be able to add captions to your photos and an intro title card will automatically be chosen based off of the metadata from your assets.

Adding words is an important part to telling your story with video. This intro card will add context to your video for when you share it with others, and is also totally editable so you can add your own spin to it.

All of these changes were done in order to make the video creation smarter, faster and easier.

When you’re out and about capturing life’s best moments on your iPhone, you will only need to do a minimal amount of time and work to get a share-worthy video.

You can download our video app or update it in the iTunes store!