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Livin’ on a Prayer: Hometown Tribute Video Contest

Becky Brooks


You sing in the shower and jam in your car- now, wouldn’t you like to rock out on the big screen?

We are proud to join Bon Jovi for the “Livin’ on a Prayer: Hometown Tribute” contest, creating the ultimate fan experience and giving you the chance to be a part of Bon Jovi’s show.

It’s simple: go to the contest website,, and upload pics & footage of yourself singing, dancing, and generally going wild to the classic “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Add in shots of your hometown to make it a perfect tribute and then share your video on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Twenty (20!) winners will have their video featured on the big screen at the concert while Bon Jovi performs this signature song.

This means you ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd – you’ll be jamming right alongside the icon himself. And if that weren’t enough, one lucky winner will receive two VIP packages for the Bon Jovi 2011 tour, including tickets, VIP passes, and signed tour programs.

So crank up the volume, pull out your hairbrush microphones and air guitars, and start the cameras rolling. Need some inspiration? The Animoto interns busted some of their best moves and showed what they’ve got in this sample video.

Think you’ve got better moves than they do? (Probably.)  Then get around your hometown and get started!  This could be your time to shine on the big screen – give it a shot!


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