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Animoto Releases Plug-In for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Software

Erik Bjornard

Lightroom for Animoto

With the new Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Plug-In, pro photographers are only a few clicks away from a professional-quality Animoto video.

Since launching Animoto Pro in June of 2008, then called Animoto for Business, we’ve had a lot of success with businesses ranging from marketing services firms and real estate agencies to upscale hotels. That said, one customer group that remains especially important to us is professional photographers. Professional photographers have been instrumental in steering the development of Animoto Pro into an industry leading, award-winning tool. It is with professional photographers in mind that we developed our new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software. We also worked with Adobe on a integration that reaches beyond professional photographers to anyone who captures photos and wants to share them quickly and easily from wherever they are.

While early efforts to improve the video creation flow led us to support easy photo retrieval from major photo sharing websites like SmugMug, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and Photobucket, the Animoto plug-in for Lightroom is our first major move towards streamlining the workflow directly from within a photographers’ desktop solution. Our free plug-in for Lightroom enables photographers to initiate an Animoto video from right within Lightroom. So, even when immersed in Lightroom, photographers are only a few clicks away from a professional-quality Animoto video.

As we work to facilitate video production amongst professional photographers, Lightroom was the natural starting point. Lightroom’s robust feature set, which is aimed squarely at photographers, and its leadership position in the space, ensure that a large community of photographers will benefit from this plug-in right out of the gate.

Photoshop Lightroom plug-in for Animoto

Once the Animoto plug-in for Lightroom is downloaded and installed, clicking the “export” button within Lightroom allows all images from a Lightroom album to be sent directly to Animoto, populating a new video project. The plug-in automatically downsizes images locally before uploading them to Animoto, resulting in a fast, easy upload process. Experience tells us that photographers using Animoto Pro typically create many more videos than someone creating videos for personal use, which amplifies the value of any workflow improvements.

“Lightroom 3 is a tool that allows photographers to focus on creating incredible images that move audiences,” said Tom Hogarty, principal product manager for Lightroom at Adobe. “Animoto’s professional quality videos give photographers yet another elegant way to showcase their work to clients, friends or family with ease and visual impact.”

As part of collaborative work with Adobe, is also plugged into Animoto’s Quickstart API. Live as of today, this will allow Photoshop Express users to launch the Animoto video creation process from within their albums on Both of these integrations exemplify our ongoing effort to simplify the video creation process and partner with market leading companies. In our quest to make professional video production a breeze, this is just the start of things to come.

Below are the steps to install Animoto’s Lightroom plug-in:

  1. Go to the site above and open the plug-in manager.
  2. Add the new plug-in.
  3. Find the file you downloaded.
  4. Presto! You’re done.

In conjunction with this integration, we’re proud to offer Animoto users a 15% discount on Adobe products including Lightroom 3 through October 31, 2010 (U.S. customers only). To take advantage of this special offer, visit and enter the requested information and special offer code 72360. You will then receive a confirmation email with an offer-specific URL for the Adobe Store, where you can complete your purchase.