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3 Days After Launch

Brad Jefferson


CEO and Co-founder Brad Jefferson shares his insights on the launch of Animoto’s website.

Well, it’s after midnight PDT, and here’s my first Animoto blog entry (for that matter, first blog entry ever – I hope it doesn’t suck!). I’m visiting our tech team in NY/NJ so it’s actually after 3am here but after an all-nighter Monday night (in preparation for our public beta launch Tuesday morning) and a red-eye last night, time of day has sort of become irrelevant for now. The best part is that our tech leads, Stevie and Tom, are also both on IM right now. Between deploying fixes and enhancements to our production servers Tom is trying to coach me on this art of blogging. Tom’s most recent note: “people want to hear what the CEO has to say about CEO issues!” OK, I’ll give it a shot.

I closed our family and friends round of financing on Monday (we have money in the bank!) and the team launched publicly on Tuesday. The launch was fun/interesting in that our launch press release was scheduled to hit the wire at 7:10am EDT – ah, a deadline. After an all-nighter by the majority of the team we still hadn’t launched by 7:00am. Bloggers started covering our launch in Europe and readers started posting messages like, “the site is down, it must be really popular.” If only they knew… By some stroke of magic and aligned stars, Stevie launched the site at 7:07am – with three minutes to spare. The press release hit the wire at 7:10am and like that, was live.

I’ll keep it short and sweet for my first post but in case you’re interested in hearing more from me here’s my first interview – thanks for the coverage Blogadilla!