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Animoto Blog Gets an Upgrade

Becky Brooks


This January our site went through some big changes. Most notably a new logo and homepage followed by some major features throughout the year.

To reflect all the awesome new changes here at Animoto, we redesigned the blog for form and function! Now it’s even easier on the eyes and full of ideas to get the most out of your videos.

What’s New:


Easier to Navigate

We made discovering content way easier. All content can be found in 5 categories: Education/Non-Profit, Business, Personal, Pro Photography and News & Features. Within these categories, we have sub categories to make it super-easy for you to navigate and find posts on the specific topics you’d like to learn about most!


More colorful! More human! More fun!

Animoto as a product is premised upon the idea that sharing your life through the magic of video is worthwhile and important. Our more colorful and fun vibe on the blog reflect the humanity of our product and our customers.


Better for video content

You’ll see in the upcoming weeks we have a lot of great educational video content in the works, along with improved example videos that better demonstrate Animoto’s power. Our blog was especially designed to make consuming video content all the better.


Design update

This is the last major part of our site to be redesigned with the new brand. It was a huge undertaking when we revealed our new logo earlier this year. We’re happy to report that the last big part of our redesign is now complete with the launch of this blog!

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