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Animoto Ranks #1 Facebook App by % of Active Users

Jason Hsiao


The Animoto Facebook application ranks #1!

As Inside Facebook reports, Animoto currently ranks as the #1 application on Facebook in terms of monthly active % of its users. That means that the Animoto app has engaged the greatest percentage of its installed user base over the last 30 days compared to the other 28,000 applications on Facebook.

Animoto #1 Facebook App by % Active Users

Inside Facebook also runs an interesting analysis. Since Facebook will no longer be publishing stats for total active installs and daily active users, this is the last opportunity to analyze the ratio of monthly active users (MAU) to daily active users (DAU). As they explain, this ratio tells us which applications tend to engage different users on a day to day basis (high MAU/DAU Ratio), vs. the same users on a day to day basis (low MAU/DAU Ratio). Animoto ranks #7 on this list. Not bad!

Animoto Facebook User Engagement Data

Once again, a huge thanks to all our Animoto fans on Facebook! We continue to read to your feedback and keep on delivering.

To see a screenshot of our Facebook app, click here.