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Animoto Music Collection Now Featuring Sellaband Artists

Becky Brooks


Animoto partners with Sellaband to feature talented up and coming artists in its music collection.


Chuck D of Public Enemy fame recently said that Sellaband “will completely redefine the way the music business operates,” even going so far as funding Public Enemy’s next album through the site. And who are we to argue with Chuck D?

Ever since our inception, Animoto has always been committed to featuring up and coming independent artists on our site, allowing for their tunes to act as the soundtrack to your videos. As such, it made sense to work with fellow Amazon-funded start-up, Sellaband. This week we have added to our Music Collection songs from Sellaband’s insanely talented roster of artists. The songs are available in both our consumer & commercial collections.

Sellaband‘s model is truly unique in that artists put their music up on the site. If 5,000 “believers” donate $10 to get an artist’s album made, the artist gets to head to the studio with some of the industry’s top producers and cut an album. The “believers” in turn not only get a limited edition CD once it’s produced, but are essentially investors in the CD’s sales. They get a cut of the pie once the album starts selling like hot cakes (too many pastry references? I must be hungry….)

Be sure to check out the following artists now featured in our Music Collection:

Angie Arsenault – Singer Songwriter
BulletProof Messenger – Indie Rock
Daniel Ward-Murphy – Singer Songwriter
Francis Rodino – Singer Songwriter
Julia Marcell– Singer Songwriter
Lunic– Indie Rock
Mysti Mayhem – Singer Songwriter
So What – Indie Rock