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Whacking Weeds: Animoto’s Day of Service at the Lower East Side Ecology Center

Will Dowdy


Each year, Animoto team members coordinate with a local non-profit to dedicate a “Day of Service” to a neighborhood project that needs an extra pair of hands (or 30). In past years, we’ve volunteered at soup kitchens, built houses with Habitat for Humanity, and aided in the cleanup of Hurricane Sandy. We value these opportunities not only as a way to give back to our community, but also as an awesome team building exercise.

Animoto Team Day of Service

This year, we joined forces with the Lower East Side Ecology Center in one of New York City’s most beautiful waterfront esplanades, East River Park. A brisk, 20-minute walk from our NoHo headquarters landed us at our meeting spot with horticultural experts Christine, Kaitlyn, and Melinda of the LESEC. We were given a mini tutorial on what “not to pull” (in hopes that the bulbs planted the autumn before would have a chance to bloom) and a rundown on the plant species we’d find throughout the park. Over the next 3 hours we diligently weeded through (zing!) the planting beds to make room for the bulbs to flourish, and laid down a fresh layer of mulch to keep new weeds from sprouting. By 4 pm, we were dirty, tired, and more sneezy than before, but we also shared a lot of laughter and fun.

At Animoto, we always like to look beyond our laptops and really look to make a difference in the world at large. We feel strongly in our social responsibility, so the chance to do something meaningful in the community while having fun with our co-workers is always a win-win in our book. Check out our video from the day, below:

And a big thank you to the Lower East Side Ecology Center for sharing their expertise with us and for all that they do to make our beautiful city more sustainable!

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