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60+ New Songs for Animoto for Business/Photography

Becky Brooks


Pro account users now have access to a whole new selection of music for their videos.

More than 60 new tracks were added to our commercial music library this week. Among them are tons of instrumental tracks – so many, in fact, that we have a brand new Instrumental Genre.

We hear from a lot of our pro-users that while they will absolutely love a song, the lyrics just don’t quite match the vibe of the video. Well, we’ve got you covered now. The library now has tons of quality songs spanning various genres, none of which have lyrics. Let us know some of your favorites (I’m partial to Floating Lanes by Anomaly).

We’re also happy to say the commercial music library now boasts Grammy & Emmy nominated artists. With the addition of the insanely talented Gunnar Madsen & Peter Himmelman to our Children’s genre, ensuring that no matter the type of video you need to make, you’ll have the perfect commercially licensed song to act as its soundtrack.

If you have any ideas for other genres/types of songs you’d like to see us support, don’t be a stranger!