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Celebrate Your History with Video

Megan O'Neill


We’re celebrating our 10th birthday on August 10 and counting down with five weeks of video ideas. Thanks to everyone who celebrated relationships with us last week. We enjoyed watching the videos that were shared in our Facebook groups and on social media using the hashtag #CelebrateWithVideo.

What are we celebrating this week? History! Your history, to be exact. Check out the video below to learn more from Animoto’s Chief Video Officer, Jason Hsiao, and genealogy author and host of The Genealogy Gems Podcast, Lisa Louise Cooke, and then read on for tips on how to celebrate your history with video ideas for work, life, and more.

Ideas for life

As Lisa Louise Cooke says, “History helps us understand who we are and where we came from,” and video can be a fun and compelling way to share your history. You may want to explore your history going all the way back to your ancestors, as Lisa Louise Cooke does in this slideshow video that tells the story of how the Cooke family came to Canada:

Slideshow video style: Vintage Voyage
**Song: “Across The Plains” by N.J. Currie

Don’t want to go as far back in time? You can share the history behind how you (or someone you know) arrived at the present day. For instance, Beth from the Animoto team tells her daughter’s history in this video, celebrating her graduation:

Slideshow video style: Memory Box
**Song: “Barefoot Child (Instrumental)” by Jesse Terry

You could also share the history of how you and your significant other met, how you learned a skill or hobby, a person you know, or an historical member of your community — the possibilities are endless!

Ideas for work

When it comes to your business, it may be a little more difficult to think of how you’d celebrate history with video, but there are lots of things you can do! Share the history of how your business got started — this can make for a great About Us video to post on your website or Facebook page. Simply answer the question, “What made me want to start my business?” You can see an example of this in the section for photographers down below.

If you want to get a little more specific, then try telling the history behind one of your products. Nu-Era Bakery in West Virginia told the history of one of their products — the pepperoni roll — in this great video. If you like it, feel free to make it your own! You’ll find it in our Marketing Video Builder pre-built storyboard collection.

Marketing video style: Standout
**Song: “Counting on You” by Mikey Wax
**Pre-built storyboard: Business Story

Ideas for photographers

Similar to other types of businesses, as a photographer you may also want to tell the story of how you started your business. Here’s a wonderful example from photographer Melissa Carter of Mindful Light Photography.

Marketing video style: Standout (square)
**Song: “Awaken The Dawn (Instrumental)” by Stanton Lanier

We’re excited to see how you’ll celebrate your history with video. Show us your videos by including the hashtag #CelebrateWithVideo when sharing to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Then, stay tuned for next week’s video idea!