UPDATE: We’ve added even more filters to our music library. Take a look at our post showing you all the new ways you can find the right song for you.

We call Animoto’s collection songs our music library for a reason — it holds thousands of songs available for you to use. And just like a real library, our music library has its own “card catalog” to help you discover what you’re looking for. So if you already know what kind of music you want, we’ve got the tools that you can use (together or on their own) to find the right music for your video.

Song: “All I Think About Is You” by Dave Sentongo

Popular songs

When you go to select a song in Animoto, you’ll see a list under the heading “Popular For”. This section is designed to help you find songs for a specific use — weddings, babies, small businesses, images of nature, etc. It’s a good place to start if you’re celebrating something specific, or have a particular business in mind. You can also combine a “Popular For” selection with the other tools below to narrow your choices even further.

Songs Popular For


If you’re more interested in finding a song in a particular style, you can search out songs by genre. Our music library lists 23 different genres, in styles ranging from children’s music to country to R&B, to help you find a good match for your video.



If you find a song that you like, but that might not be right for the current project you’re working on, make it a Favorite by selecting the heart icon next to the song. Then, the next time you’re looking for a song for your video, you can check out your list of favorites and find a good fit.


Song length

Got a three-minute-long video and want a three-minute-long song to go with it? Adjust the song length selector and find tracks that’ll fit your video from start to finish.

Song Length

Animoto’s blog

You’ve got one more tool at your disposal when you’re looking for the right song to complement your video: our blog. We’ve got a wide variety of posts that are full of songs for any occasion — from songs for birthday videos to songs for real estate videos or wedding photography slideshows, there’s a post to help you find what you’re looking for.

Do you have a favorite track from our music library? Share it with us below, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @Animoto.