Crunchie Awards Winner: “Best Design” of 2009

Jason Hsiao


Last night we were presented the Crunchie Award for “Best Design” of 2009!  Woohoo!!!

We were already pretty humbled to be included with the likes of Google Chrome, Facebook, Threadsy, Brizzly, and Clicker as fellow nominees.  So to win was totally surreal.

We still consider ourselves to be pretty new to the scene so it’s still weird for us to be in the same room with all these industry legends. Well, at least for me. Brad of course is always cool, calm and collected. I’m still like a giddy teenage girl at an N’Sync concert. You might not think hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg compares to Justin Timberlake. But I sure do.
Anyway, Brad’s acceptance speech got some good laughs

“We founded Animoto three and a half years ago with the simple goal of acquiring Google. This award is one important step closer to that plan.”

Can’t say it topped Nate’s acceptance speech at the Webby Awards. But it was still pretty awesome, especially with a bunch of the Google folks sitting in the first few rows.

While we didn’t win the other category for which we were nominated, “Best Internet Application,” we’re extremely psyched for the guys who won that, Dropbox. Well deserved! Their web app is a service we use all the time and can’t do without. Those guys are kicking some serious butt.

Crunchie Awards

On to 2010!

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