And the Webby Award goes to… Animoto!

Jason Hsiao


We had a total blast at the Webby Awards last night.  We were presented with both the Judges Choice and the People’s Voice Webby awards for ‘Best Service & Application’ category.  And if today’s total-body-pains are any indication, we definitely did our fair share of celebrating.


It was nice reflecting back on our many years of hard work and recognizing all that we’ve accomplished.  Even more nice though was reflecting upon the many top-shelf open bars surrounding us at the venue and appreciating the fact that we were drinking something a bit classier than Brooklyn Lager for once.

It was a fun crowd.  Who would have ever thought that a bunch of nerds like us would ever get to hobnob with all these famous celebrities?  I guess when you’re being given an award, you’ll show up anywhere… even if it’s with Ruby on Rails programmers.  Thanks for coming, celebs!  Just let us know next time you’re having a LAN party and we’ll totally be there.

Amazingly enough, our table was front and center, right between the YouTube people and The New York Times.  (We’re pretty sure they forgot we’re just a startup.)  Seth Meyers was hilarious as host.  And one of the highlights for us was definitely the performance by DJ Mike Relm spinning video based entirely on the “O-face” guy from the movie Office Space.  Freakin’ genius.

We didn’t have the wittiest of 5-word acceptance speeches, but we probably at least had the loudest.

Okay, back to our lives of anonymity.

And Brooklyn Lagers.