Oh hi there! Over the past few months we’ve launched some exciting new features. We’ve rounded them up, along with a few others you may not know about, to make sure you’re getting the most out of Animoto.

Photo Editor

Did you know that, as of December, you can edit your photos directly from Animoto? The new Photo Editor feature lets you crop, rotate, and flip images, remove red eye, as well as adjust color, lighting, and sharpness, without having to leave the workspace. See the Photo Editor in action in the video below, and learn more on our blog.

Longer Video Clips

Remember when you could only use 10-second video clips in your videos? Those days are over! You can now upload longer video clips — up to 20 minutes — and trim them to any length in all of our styles. Read more about longer video clips.

Trim Video Clip Animoto


Do you ever wish a photo or title card would display in your video for just a bit longer? Spotlight it! To Spotlight an image or title, and give it more time in your video, simply make sure the star icon is highlighted, as in the example below.

Animoto Spotlight


Feel like you want to Spotlight all of your photos and titles? It might be time to take your pacing down a notch. You can control the overall speed of your video with our Image Pacing feature. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and then use the slider to make your video slower or faster. See how Image Pacing works in the video below.

Multiple Songs

Using multiple songs can be a fun way to differentiate between different scenes or sections of your video. You can use up to ten different songs in a single video. To add a new song, click + Add another song at the bottom of the screen. Read more about using multiple songs on our blog.

Add Another Song Animoto

Share Native Video to Facebook

A few months back, we introduced improved Facebook sharing from Animoto and just wanted to make sure it was on your radar. Previously, when you shared videos to Facebook from Animoto, they would display on your Facebook timeline as a link. Now when you export a video from Animoto it’ll be uploaded to Facebook directly and play natively on your timeline or business page. This means more views and better engagement! Read more on our blog.

Leave a comment below to let us know which features you enjoy using most!

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