Celebrate Earth Day 2015 With Animoto

Brett Petersel


Each year on April 22nd, Earth Day is celebrated around the world. The environment-focused holiday’s goals are to raise awareness about issues affecting wildlife and the environment, such as air and water pollution caused by factories, pesticides and power plants. Since its inception 45 years ago, many of the day’s focuses have changed. Today, global warming and clean energy awareness are two of the main issues being focused on. Plus, the Internet has helped grow and spread Earth Day’s message to more people, inspiring them to create and promote events for various issues in multiple countries.

Here are some ways for you to participate in Earth Day 2015:

  • Volunteer to help clean a local lake or river
  • Donate gently used clothing to a local charity
  • Build a garden or plant trees
  • Create a recycle bin for sorting trash
  • Ride a bike instead of driving a car

Here are some videos of how others participated in Earth Day:

Last year, Ameristar Casino employees cleaned Washington Park in Indiana.

Cayley’s video has a simple message for everyone: “Every day should be Earth Day”

Jane Yolen wrote an Earth Day poem.

At Animoto, we’re celebrating Earth Day by working with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to help clean an area of the East River Park in New York City.

How are you celebrating Earth Day? Share your videos with us in the comments below.