5 Ways to Market Your School with Video

Getting a share of parents’ and students’ attention can be tricky, so when you’re looking to craft a message that grabs their attention, it helps to start with a video. Video stands out on social media and gets more attention than a text-based email, making it a more effective way to get your information out. But if you’ve never used video to promote your school before, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

Encouraging community engagement

Keeping students and parents engaged is important student success, and video is an excellent way to help families connect when they’re not in the classroom. Teachers can capture the in-class moments to share, and administrators can give parents, students, and even teachers a broad window into school events they might not see otherwise.

For example, when Crocker Highlands Elementary School celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a Kindness March, it documented the event with video, giving the school community an exciting recap, and eliciting dozens of reactions from parents and community members in the process.


When you want to raise money for your school, try creating a video that you can share. Then post on your school website, through emails and on social media to make sure you’re reaching everyone in your school community. For more ideas, take a look at our fundraiser video checklist for tips on how to craft your video.

Driving admissions

If you’re an administrator at a private school, driving admissions is a big part of your year. But you can easily elevate your admissions materials and make it easier to find your school on Facebook or Instagram by creating marketing videos promoting application deadlines. Not a social media maven? You can still make your follow-up emails more inviting with a dynamic video, like the one The Hill School made for their Revisit Day.

Engaging alumni

Any adult can tell you where you go to school, college, or university has a big impact on your life. Memories of your school encourage alumni to stay involved, even after graduation. And just as you might host events or print publications designed to reach out to alumni to build a connection, you should also have videos that help show what former students are up to and notifying alums when reunions are on the horizon. Reminding alums of their alma mater keeps them invested in your school, which may be why New York University’s Alumni Association regularly posts video updates to their Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Promoting events

Each school year is packed with plays, concerts club meetings, dances and athletics. And all of those events deserve attention. So, to get friends and family through the door or onto the bleachers to support your students, create short, 30-second promos letting the school community know what’s happening and when. Have too many events to publish at once? Create a 2-to-3-minute-long video newsletter sharing some of the most important events and highlighting student accomplishments.

Have you marketed your school with video? We’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments below or reach out on Facebook or Twitter and share your videos using the hashtag #MyAnimoto.