Celebrating the 100th Day of School with Video

Moira West


For elementary school teachers, there’s a really big build-up to one day (and, no, we’re not talking about the last day of school). Preparations for 100th Day of School start on the very first day of class, and students can’t wait to celebrate being 100 days smarter with in-class festivities.

But since most parents and family members won’t be able to attend the class activities, a quick video with some photographs of 100th Day activities and projects can be a fun way to involve them. For example, the video below features some hundred-themed centers, along with 100th Day crowns, snacks, and books.

Style: One Year Wiser
Song: “Let’s Have a Party” by Mike Schmid

Add some infectious, fun music and a bright colorful style, like One Year Wiser, and you’ve got a simple way to let families participate in the day and re-live it with their children.

You can send out your video with a class newsletter, email it to parents or post it on social media to share it with your school community. Or share with our community of teachers by posting your 100th Day video in the comments below.