ShelterBox Uses Video Marketing to Raise 23K for Non-Profit

Liz Ziser

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ShelterBox, a disaster relief non-profit established in 2000, has helped over 1 million people across more than 70 countries.

Volunteer Ambassador Steve Gibson talks about how an Animoto video slideshow helped him raise $23,000 for the charity.

“It was a tough assignment, even for a seasoned fundraiser. Three minutes to speak at a local Rotary event. Coming as it did, about 10 months after the earthquake in Haiti, I wanted a way to show ShelterBox’s efforts there (where we provided upwards of 250,000 people shelter) as well as the long list of other disasters we’d responded to that year. Animoto was an ideal way to do that. While I talked about my personal experiences on deployment in Haiti, I was able to show the full breadth of our work.

“The results were exactly what I’d hoped for: A strong emotional impact on the audience in a short amount of time. And an amazingly generous response, as the 100 or so Rotarians in attendance donated $23,000 in just under six minutes after my presentation, enough to provide shelter and essential survival tools for 230 people. As one of the people who delivers the aid in the field, I can tell you just how meaningful their generosity is to those families in need that ShelterBox serves.”

“The images showing how ShelterBox provides shelter, warmth, and dignity are dramatically more powerful than any words we might have to describe them. To be able to quickly and easily show our work to our supporters is invaluable… and compelling.”

– Steve Gibson, Volunteer Ambassador and Response Team Member

Thomas Lay, Visual Communications Officer of ShelterBox, also weighs in on the benefits of Animoto videos, “Although there is a professional Communications team at ShelterBox headquarters, the AV team focuses on larger, global projects. Animoto gives our affiliate countries a vehicle to self-produce AV work for publicity purposes.”

Each “box” contains a

SB Disaster Relief

disaster relief tent, water purification and cooking equipment, tools, and other lifesaving gear that families need after a disaster strikes. Each box can be sponsored for $1,000, which covers both equipment and delivery costs and the training and deployment of volunteer response teams.

SB Relief Supplies

ShelterBox immediately responds to earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis and other disasters, having sent out over 107,000 boxes to date. Not only do they deliver emergency shelter and equipment, but they also deploy fully-trained response team members who help unload the boxes and teach the community how to use them. ShelterBox has certainly positioned themselves on the forefront of disaster relief, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.

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