5 Reasons To Use Non-Profit Video Marketing

Megan Etzel

Animoto for a Cause

Set your cause apart with shrewd video marketing.

Whether you’re interested in increasing awareness, donations, or adding to your promotional efforts, here are some top tips to help your organization make professional looking marketing videos.

1. Make your organization stand out.

First impressions are everything. Promotional videos allow you to introduce your organization while also raising overall awareness. Lose the photo galleries and boring slideshows and capture your audiences’ attention with an exciting Animoto video instead.
Start your Animoto video with your organization’s logo. The rest should contain about a minute’s-worth of exciting, emotional, and relevant imagery. End your video with a link directing viewers to your website. Using this structure, you’ve already grasped the viewer’s attention, informed them about your organization, and made it easy for them to get involved by providing a call-to-action button. Simple! Use this to promote your organization and its upcoming events.

2. Increase donations and get more volunteers.

Not only can you increase donations for your organization, but you can also increase donations for your individual team. For example, if you’re one of 100 teams participating in an event, create an Animoto video and direct viewers to your donation page. If you’re the organizer of an event, suggest to all of the participants that they create a video and share it with all of their contacts.

The same concept applies to soliciting volunteer support; simply direct the audience to the “How to Get Involved” page on your website. Make sure to include how their participation will directly impact the organization.

3. Highlight your success.

People want to see the progress you’re making toward your objectives. This applies to employees, volunteers, donors, everyone. Make Animoto videos for all of your major events and display them at meetings, fundraisers, and assemblies. This keeps people excited about future activities and confident in the progress of the organization.

4. Spread the word.

More recently, your presence online is just about as important as your presence elsewhere. The integration of social media is key to getting your message out there. Animoto makes it easy to share your videos throughout the digital world. You can instantly share your video across a multitude of different social networking sites, email it directly from Animoto, plus embed it into your blog or website. All with the click of a button.

5. Send a dynamic thank you card.

Sponsors and donors play a huge role in the success of non-profit organizations. It feels good to support a good cause, and it feels even better to be recognized for it! Sending a “thank you” video to your donors reminds them how appreciative you are of their contribution. It’s a nice surprise that keeps your organization top-of-mind to current supporters.

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