Let’s Adopt Uses Video Marketing to Reach 50K Video Views

Liz Ziser


Let’s Adopt, an animal rights group founded by activists Viktor Larkhill and Fulya Ulusoy, has generated nearly 50,000 video views in the past year with video marketing.

Discover how Let’s Adopt has used Animoto videos to reach so many people in such a short amount of time.

Making Magic With Video

Viktor Let's Adopt

Larkhill has created hundreds of videos that are shared on their website, blog, and Facebook page. These videos have generated nearly 50,000 views on Animoto alone, and that’s just in the past year! In addition, they’ve achieved enormous exposure online, and have landed them in the #1 spot for Animoto for a Cause video views. Congratulations!

“Most of the time, we download these videos and upload them to our Facebook page,” Larkhill says, pointing out that the videos have been watched far more times than we can track on our end.

Larkhill uses Animoto to showcase adoptions, success stories, and emotional recoveries. These videos are then posted to the Let’s Adopt’s blog, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, where they are watched by thousands of their devoted supporters.

“Animoto completely changed the way we tell the stories behind our rescues. I credit it as one of the single most important factors allowing us to get the story out there”, Larkhill says. “Animoto has provided us with an edge and helped us capture peoples’ imagination. Hundreds of animals have gotten a second chance because of these videos.”

This video may contain a few graphic images.

The Philosophy Behind Let’s Adopt

Founded in 2008 by Viktor Larkhill and Fulya Ulusoy, Let’s Adopt began as an internet-based animal rights group in Turkey. Since then, it has spread internationally to numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Bulgaria, and Indonesia. In addition, Let’s Adopts works very closely with organizations in Romania, Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt, and South Africa. They’ve reached nearly 30K fans on Facebook, and have grown their network to 100,000 people worldwide.

“The true force of any organization lies in the commitment of its members to achieve extraordinary things”, Larkhill says. “In each and every one of our rescues we try to show the world that nothing is impossible. Nothing.”

The philosophy is simple: help animals in need. Let’s Adopt fosters rescued animals and later finds loving homes for them to move in to. Since 2008, they have saved 4,000+ animals across the globe! To see some of their newest stories and adoptions, check out the Let’s Adopt blog.

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