Animoto Grows Mustaches for Kids. Yes, Mustaches.

Becky Brooks


This October marks the 2nd year that the men at Animoto forgo the advice of their spouses and friends and instead grow mustaches for kids.

Animoto Supports Education Mustaches for Kids

The “Animoto Growers” are part of DonorChoose’s “Mustaches for Kids” campaign. Friends of the growers can support the mustaches for a multitude of reasons (see below).

Animoto Donating to Mustaches for Kids

DonorChoose allows teachers to ask for donations around very worthy educational and community efforts. Donors choose which fundraisers they want to make happen by donating.

So far, the Animoto men have raised over $2,000 for the very worthy causes they’ve chosen to support. And of course they’re creating Animoto videos asking for donations!

Help us improve classrooms and education through the power of mustaches by checking out our[

mustache growers]( and the classroom projects they support!

Animoto Fundraises for Mustaches for Kids