User Spotlight: Chelsea Fairclough of PaintAbility

Liz Ziser

Inspiring young quadriplegic girl creates beautiful art

Chelsea Fairclough, age 14, doesn’t need a brush to create beautiful art or videos. All she needs is her wheelchair, good music and a little inspiration!

If her work weren’t impressive enough already, Chelsea does it all living as a quadriplegic unable to move from the neck down. PaintAbility was the name of Chelsea’s first collection of paintings used to inspire creativity, and she uses Animoto to help spread this message to supporters and other children in wheelchairs.

“When you can’t hold a brush in your hands, mouth or feet,
just use your wheels and dance!”

Animoto video style: Color Fold | Song: Sunshine, Ian Nickus

How has Animoto helped share your story?

“Being able to put Animoto videos on my blog allows kids to share their work with family and friends back in their home countries. Everyone loves them!

Still photographs just don’t tell the whole story. The music on Animoto transforms the photographs and ties the message and photos together. It seems to bring our work to life in a way that no bulletin board can.”

What’s in store for PaintAbility in the future?

“I will continue to paint and am working on a new collection as well as a number of commissioned pieces for different corporations and charities in Singapore. We also have a workshop planned for art educators and wheelchair students in the fall!”

Visit for more information on Chelsea and her inspiring work. Special thanks to Kelly Mcfadzen for helping share the message of PaintAbility!

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