Animoto Gives Back

Katie Mulligan

New York Cares Day Volunteers

It’s no secret that we like to have a good time here at Animoto. We know we’re living the charmed life, and that’s one of the reasons we don’t hesitate to roll up our sleeves and give back to the community.

Animoto employees are always out and about doing volunteer work. For New York Cares Day, we painted a mural at a Brooklyn elementary school and planted bulbs at a local park. We participated in the fundraiser Mustaches for Kids, and volunteered with AIDS Walk NYC.

mustaches for kids

For the holidays we sent out gifts to twenty-two underprivileged children as a part of New York Cares’ Winter Wishes program. Our corporate headquarters is located in New York City, so we like taking on projects that make a direct impact this vibrant community we call our home.

Until recently, company volunteer work was done in the evening or on the weekends, on our own time. Now in 2013, Animoto is happy to announce that all employees get one day of paid community service work each year.

We kicked off our new program by helping Ellie Balk, a Brooklyn-based artist who works with high school students to conceptualize data-based art projects. Ellie helps the kids collect and analyze data, translate it into a beautiful mural, and then they paint it together. Animoto sent a group to help the kids paint her most recent project, Visualizing Pi, a colorful mural based on the mathematical sequence. This project was perfect for Animoto’s first Employee Volunteer Day: it champions education, creativity, and neighborhood beautification.

Mural Painting Volunteering

Corporate community involvement truly is the ultimate team-building experience. Spending the day working together, solving problems, and making each other laugh highlights our individual qualities and solidifies our friendships. At the end of the day, we feel a great sense of humbled accomplishment that we achieved something together as a team.

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