What Is #WhyITeach and How Can You Use It in Your School?

Moira West


In the past few years, the hashtag #whyiteach has become a way to express in positive terms the impact teachers have on the world. So as a new curriculum supervisor for grades 6-8 in Wall Township, New Jersey, Kenneth Kunz decided to use that positive message to bring teachers together and create a mission based on what moved the educators in his district.

He brought the #whyiteach movement to Wall by creating his very own Why I Teach video, sharing with his district both his background as an educator and why he thinks what they do is so important. “I thought being a biography of myself, it’d be nicer to use Animoto to have a digital representation of that.” The video is part of Ken’s Curriculum Corner on the school district’s website, and beautifully represents the enthusiasm Ken has for his teachers and students.


Style: Back to School
Song: “If I Had a Dollar” (Instrumental) by Andrea Perry and Sarah Sharp


Since posting his video, he’s been compiling other teachers’ #whyiteach stories, and using them to write mission statements for each department in the school he works with. In keeping with his focus on digital literacy, he added a little technology into the mix, creating a word cloud that represents what motivates the teachers in his schools. Unsurprisingly, the most important word for them (as it is for Ken) is “students.”

Why I Teach

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