Animoto for Educators: A FAQ for Teachers and Administrators

Moira West


If you’ve got questions about how to use Animoto, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for teachers and administrators looking to add Animoto to their schools. Find out how to add video to your school marketing or lesson plans, and get some tips on video best practices in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Animoto for Educators: A FAQ for Teachers and Administrators

Animoto Classroom accounts

How do I get a free account?

Signing up for an Animoto Classroom account is quick and easy. Sign up for an Animoto account, fill out a short application, and once you get an email from Animoto, you can start making videos. You can read about it in more detail in this blog post.

What should I do with the code I got when I signed up for my Animoto Classroom account? Why doesn’t anything happen when I apply it to my account?

Along with your Animoto Classroom account, Animoto emails you a promo code. That code is to be used if you decide to set up accounts for your students. You don’t need to apply it to your account at all — you’re already all set!

How many student accounts can I have?

Your Animoto Classroom account comes with 50 free student licenses.

How do I set up student accounts?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create up to 50 student accounts.

 Other types of Animoto accounts

What’s the difference between Animoto Classroom and Animoto Professional or Business accounts?

Animoto Professional and Business accounts have a broader array of features, including downloadable HD videos, more commercially licensed music and more font and color choices.

My class uses tablets or I have a bring-your-own-device classroom — do you have an app?

We do! Click to download our iOS app.

Questions about using video

Where can I find images or video clips to use in my video?

There are multiple sites that offer free stock images and video clips — take a look at a rundown of some of our favorites here. We also have links to resources for social studies teachers looking for images in the public domain.

How can I change my video’s music?

Every Animoto style comes with a default song, but you can easily change your music. Just click on the Music icon on the toolbar. To change the song, click the CHANGE button. You'll see a few popular songs for your type of video. You can choose one of those, upload a song, or click BROWSE FULL LIBRARY to see all the songs available in your plan.

How can I use video in my classroom?

There are almost as many ways to use video in the classroom as there are possible lessons. To get started, take a look at a few lesson plans and lesson ideas featuring video, and then check out ways to use video in your classroom, along with videos to help you start the school year and introduce yourself to students.

We also have a list of resources you can use along with Animoto to collect and share student videos.

How do you grade a video project?

We find a rubric works well for helping students focus on the elements they need to create a successful, informative video. You can find a sample in this blog post that you can adjust for your own classes.

How can I help students make better videos?

Before you start an Animoto video project in your classroom, it helps to discuss what’s appropriate and what will look best. Start by showing students guidelines, like the one featured in the video below (you can download it here). You can also offer students tips on making their videos look better.

How can I market my school with video?

Video is a great resource for sharing fundraising or admissions drives, or just letting parents know what their children are up to during the day. If you’re using Marketing Video Builder, you can easily drag and drop your own content into one of our education-themed storyboards. We also have suggestions for ways to market your school with video on our blog, along with tips for reaching out to your school community on social media.