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We’ve updated this post with even more ways to create dynamic, multimedia lessons. Take a look at 10 Ways to Add Video to Your Classroom.

Videos are a great way to bring vibrancy into the classroom! For teachers, a video shares content in a powerful and engaging way. For students, a video encourages interaction with academic material by hand-picking images, video, music and text.

Here are 6 videos you can quickly and easily integrate into your curriculum:

Video Technology for Teachers

  • Introduce yourself — You’ll look more approachable when you use video instead of the standard introduction speech. You can incorporate your credentials, hobbies, and favorite music all in one video.
  • To start or finish a new unit — Use video as a “sneak peek” of all the awesome information to come. On the flip side, videos are great for reviewing what you’ve taught. Wrap up a lesson or unit with a video of key concepts to emphasize their importance.

360p Final American Politics Sample Video

Video Technology for Students

  • Book trailer — If you’re an English teacher, this is definitely one of the coolest projects out there. Students make a “movie trailer” advertising a book they’ve read by matching a brief plot summary with complementary pictures–but no spoilers! Students will also love choosing a song that perfectly captures the mood of the novel.

Madame Bovary Book Trailer

  • PSA — When you teach students about recycling or staying healthy, you want those lessons to stick. Make an online video public service announcement to reinforce these ideas.

  • Research report — Let students engage with their research by presenting with video– they’ll find appropriate pictures, video and music to demonstrate their new knowledge on topics like world cultures, historical figures, or scientific phenomena.

  • Scavenger hunt — Want to find out if students really “get” what you’ve taught? Set them loose to find examples! Give them a theme like “acute angles” or “vocabulary word: gregarious” and watch their videos bring the concept to life using examples from their own lives.

Learn more about how to create a fun and engaging education video with just a few photos and a few minutes.

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