Spotlight on Business: Driving Word-of-Mouth Advertising With Personalized Videos

Megan O'Neill


Mango Ink is a little business with a big heart. Started by Australian Purdie Barr, the artsy company offers personalized letter art, frames, and jewelry that celebrate the uniqueness of its customers.

“I am a sentimental tragic and love making people feel special when they give and receive my prints,” says Purdie. “One of my business goals this year was to increase word-of-mouth advertising. I thought video was a good way to achieve this.” She’s been using Animoto to create videos for her customers that she describes as “catchy, creative, personal, and shareable.”

Because Mango Ink is all about personalization, she’s personalizing videos as well. “I have created a modified version of the [above] promotional video, which is personalized and features each customers’ own letter art print.”

Spotlight on Business: Driving Word-of-Mouth Advertising With Personalized Videos

The video ends with the text “This is my letter art… what would yours look like?” and includes a call-to-action button for viewers to “Click here to see yours!” that redirects to the Mango Ink website. To learn how to add a call-to-action button, check out our blog post on the top 6 business video features on Animoto.

“I would love for customers to share their video with family and friends on social media and beyond,” says Purdie. We love this idea. What a great way to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Can you think of ways you could use video to encourage word-of-mouth advertising? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Like Mango Ink on Facebook for company news and updates.

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