A Well-Paced Video: Top 3 Tips

Megan Etzel


We hear a lot of feedback regarding the pacing of videos around Animoto.

A Well-Paced Video: Top 3 Tips

“My video is flying by too quickly!”
“Why is this video crawling at a snail’s pace?”
“Is there a way to fit more images in this song?”

It can sometimes seem like the pace of the video is chosen at random (it’s not, really!), so we’re here to show you the best three ways to pace the video to your liking.

1. The Music

If you’ve created a video, you know by now that the music sets the “tone” for the video – sometimes even more than the images or text in the video.

Animoto listens to your song, and intuitively selects image pacing that jibes with the energy and pace of the song that you’ve chosen. In regards to pacing, fast-rhythm songs will display images faster. Slower songs will display images slower.

2. The Image Pacer

When creating your video, the last step involves an image pacing option.
2x speed displays images at double their normal pace.
½ speed displays images at half of their normal pace.

A Well-Paced Video: Top 3 Tips

3. Style

Depending on the style and the speed of your music, we display, on average, 14-40 images per minute. Yep, that’s a wide range of images, so keep in mind that the higher end of that is going to be shown with the Animoto Original – other styles tend to display them slower.

This video with 27 images and a 3-second video clip on normal pacing…

took 1:09 to display with The Winding Vine style:

took 1:04 to display with Animoto Original style:

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