Could This Old Wedding Rhyme Be Your New Social Media Strategy?

Megan O'Neill


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. You’ve likely heard this old saying—the four objects a bride should carry with her on her wedding day for good luck. But Sue Bryce has turned this rhyme into something new—a strategy for coming up with ideas for content to share on social media!


“Consistency is one of the most powerful energies in a business,” Sue said at our 2nd annual Social Video Marketing Summit back in October. “It’s what you do everyday that makes your business incredible.” She encourages you to simply show up, consistently, to engage with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and your blog.

“If you struggle for content,” says Sue, that’s where the old wedding rhyme come in. She’s paired each “something” in the rhyme with an idea for what to post on social media.

Something old

The first idea is to post something old. “Bring it back from the past,” says Sue. “This is what I learned twenty years ago. This is what I learned three years ago.” You can also repost old content that performed well on the first go-round.

Something new

Next, Sue suggests posting something new. What have you just learned about? Would it be of interest to your social media audience? Share it!

Something borrowed

“You can share inspiration,” says Sue. Borrow a post from someone else that inspired you and share it to your own audience—with credit given, of course!

Something blue

And finally, Sue says that “something blue is something from the heart and soul.”

What ideas does this rhyme spark for you? Let us know in the comments!