This week, as part of our Spotlight on Business series, we wanted to highlight an organization using Animoto to promote events. The City of Waukee, Iowa created a fun Animoto video promoting an upcoming event called BACooN Sizzles Waukee. BACooN Sizzles is a 71-mile bike ride on the Raccoon River Valley Trail, featuring bacon stops in 11 towns along the way. That’s right – eleven bacon stops! When we saw the video, we had to find out more.

We spoke with Amanda Gorsche Miller, Communications Director for the City of Waukee. She told us, “BACooN Ride first rode through Waukee in 2014, when Iowa’s world-famous RAGBRAI® joined with the founders of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival® and the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to create the unique ride, which combines the love of bacon and the love of bike riding.”

BACooN Sizzles is just one of many events Waukee has promoted with video. Amanda also shared a video with us that was used to promote Waukee WinterFest. She explained, “WinterFest is held in our historic Downtown Triangle District (yes, that is a downtown triangle, not a downtown square). The family-friendly event includes a tree lighting, ice sculptor, a visit from Santa, a tour of holiday lights, children’s arts and crafts and more. In addition, we collect donations for our local food pantry at the event.”

We asked Amanda how she started using Animoto. “I discovered Animoto several years ago when I worked for an advertising agency. The production studio we contracted used Animoto to make an inexpensive video for us. When I started as Communications Director with the City of Waukee a year ago, I knew it needed to be one of our digital assets for marketing. The response to our videos on social media and our website has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“When we use videos in social media posts, we get more interaction, likes and clicks, especially when we use them in social media ads. They garner far more attention than just a photo or logo. That goes for when we use them on the website as well.”

Amanda’s Waukee videos serve as great examples of using video to promote events. Photos from the previous year’s event help set the atmosphere in the BACooN video. In the WinterFest video, titles and images are used to let visitors know what they can expect. Have you used video to promote an event? We’d love to see it. Share a link with us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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