Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

Megan O'Neill


Back in December of last year, Facebook updated the Videos tab for Pages to include a Featured Video module and the ability to create and organize Playlists. If you haven’t set up your new Videos tab just yet, we’re here with some tips to help you maximize this new feature.

But wait. Why should you set up a Featured Video and Playlists? Well, these features actually have the potential to change the way your customers consume your videos on Facebook. Rather than waiting for it to be delivered to their News Feeds, the new Videos tab makes it easy for people to visit your Page directly to browse and discover video content.

Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

Since the Videos tab is brand new, there’s no time like the present to get it set up so that when customers (and potential customers) come looking for content, you’ll be able to highlight exactly what you’d like them to see first.

Setting up a Featured Video

Your Featured Video is displayed prominently at the top of your Videos tab, as well as in the “About” module on your Page’s main Timeline. This is the ideal spot for a company overview or explainer video about what your business does, as it’s quick and easy to spot for new customers.

Setting up a Featured Video is easy. When you click on the Videos tab on your Page, you’ll find a button to “Add Featured Video” right at the top. Note that you’ll only be given the option to select from videos that you’ve previously uploaded to your Facebook Page. If you have a video in mind that hasn’t already been shared on Facebook, simply upload it to your page and then you’ll be able to select it.

Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

Because you can change your Featured Video as often as you like, it’s also a great place to feature videos around special promotions or deals you want to get in front of the eyes of your customers. In this case, adding a call-to-action button with a link back to your site can help increase conversions. Find out more about call-to-action buttons in our guide to Building Your Video Strategy on Facebook.

Setting up Playlists

Setting up video playlists on Facebook is a bit more time consuming than adding a Featured Video, but it’s definitely worth your time. Say you have a collection of product videos you’d like to feature. You can add them all to a playlist and organize them according to which you’d like to get in front of the most eyeballs. A real estate agent could create a Playlist of home tour videos for properties they currently have on the market; a restaurant could share a Playlist recipe how to videos; the possibilities are endless.

Before you get started, take a look back at the existing videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook and think about how you can organize them into Playlists. Don’t have much video on Facebook? Think about how you could use Playlists going forward.

Once you’ve got your strategy down, creating Playlists is easy.

  1. Click the “Create Playlist” button and give your Playlist a catchy title and description.

  2. Select the videos you’d like to add to your Playlist by clicking on them.

Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

  1. Click and drag videos to put them in the order you’d like them to appear and play. If you’ve created a series of videos that needs to go in a certain order to make sense, make sure you’ve organized them correctly. If videos don’t need to be in a specific order to tell a story, try putting videos that have performed the best up front, as they’ll keep viewers watching longer.

Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

  1. Click “Save” and your Playlist is good to go. Note that you can always go in and edit your playlist later.

If you’ve created multiple Playlists, you also have control over the order in which they appear in your Videos tab. Simply select “Reorder Playlists” from the Playlists edit icon and a list of all your Playlists will appear, which can be clicked and dragged to reorder.

Getting the Most out of the Video Tab on Your Facebook Page

Once you’ve set up the Videos tab on your Facebook Page, we’d love to see it. Share a link with us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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