Spotlight on Business: Using Video as a Social Engagement Tool

Megan O'Neill


We talk a lot about creating videos for your website – product videos, videos about your company, customer testimonials, and more. But video can also be a great tool for engaging with customers, fans, and followers on social platforms. In this week’s Spotlight on Business, we take a look at how brand consultant Trish Rubin has started beefing up her social media strategy with short videos.

Trish is based in NYC and helps companies with PR, marketing, event production, and branding on traditional, web, and social media platforms. She recently started using Animoto to support her own brand with video and has begun posting a NYC Morning Mantra video on Twitter several times a week.

Trish’s Morning Mantras are eye catching and include a thoughtful quote, a tie back to her brand, and her website link. She’s sharing them with her social media followers — rather than simple text images — to pick up on the added traction that video brings to the table when it comes to social reach and engagement. Socialbakers recently reported that a 135% increase in organic reach, on average, when you post a video instead of a photo on Facebook.

We asked Trish if she had any tips for businesses looking to launch a video campaign to boost social engagement. Here’s what she had to say:

Treat each concept as a campaign

Ideally, you should “treat each concept that you plan to develop as a campaign,” rather than as a single video. Trish plans to post Morning Mantra videos several times a week, as short serial content tends to get more engagement. That’s because followers remember it and look forward to seeing more. If you aren’t getting the engagement you hoped for, don’t be afraid to change it up.

Keep your audience (and your brand) in mind

When coming up with an idea for your campaign, “think of the end users and what they want. Is it savvy content to share?” Is the content going to be relevant and interesting to your users? The more relevant and interesting, the more likely they’ll be to engage.

By the same token, not just any interesting content will do – it has to be relevant to your brand as well. Trish makes her Morning Mantras relevant by tying them back to her services.

“Brand” your series

When creating your series, brand it in such a way that each video feels unique in terms of content, but similar in look and feel. “Give people touchstones that are familiar in look and brand presence.” If you’re using Animoto to create your series, you can do this by selecting the same video style each time. Each time a new video comes out, viewers will recognize it as part of the same series.

Encourage engagement

Finally, Trish says, “Work to engage in ways that invite people to answer back. When you post, include a nudge to encourage retweets, replies, and engagement.” In the case of her Morning Mantras, Trish posts with a quick comment to encourage engagement, such as asking people what their mantras are, or whether her NYC mantra holds true in other cities.

Are you using video to engage on social media? We’d love to hear how. Feel free to share links and thoughts in the comments below.

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