Using Video Slideshows Successfully For Business

Becky Brooks


Video allows you to tell the story of your business and product in a compelling way that customers respond really well to. Here are our top 5 ways to use videos to help your business succeed.

More and more business owners are using video slideshows as an effective part of their business strategies. They are an awesome way to attract new clients and retain old ones.

1. Create a Video for Your Website

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Video has helped major companies like Zappos convert website visitors into customers. With Animoto, you don’t have to be a major online retailer to reap the benefits of video. You just need a few product photos, video clips, words and you’re done!

With Animoto’s Call-to-Action button, you can also direct people to purchase when the video is over or paused.

2. Get on YouTube

YouTube is the #1 site for video. Putting your video on YouTube makes it incredibly discoverable.

Online product Mail a Monkey created a video they they not only used on their site, but also on YouTube. It’s no fluke that major brands from Old Spice to Coca Cola put a tremendous amount of time and effort into their YouTube channels – it’s an important marketing and advertising tool for any company.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget for videography, you can still create something really professional and polished with just a few product shots, a couple video clips and words.

3. Facebook Your Video

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People spend a crazy amount of time on the world’s #1 social networking site (the average person checks Facebook 14 times a day!). When creating your video, allow your company’s personality to shine. As Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions says:

“There are certain friends that you probably love getting updates from–they are witty and interesting–and that’s really what we’re trying to do with brands: Stop thinking about brands over here and people over here, but actually [think of] brands as people.”

Videos allow you to be interesting and compelling in a way that is easy to pull off and fun for your Facebook fans to engage with.

4. Company Culture

Whether you’re a small shop with just a few people or work in a department at a large company, creating videos of activities you do with coworkers can really help with the company culture.

We here at Animoto volunteer twice a year with New York Cares and always creates a video afterwards. Everyone involved gets a kick out of seeing what they’ve accomplished with their fellow co-workers and it helps create a sense of company culture. Plus, customers like to know who they’re doing business with.

5. Keep in Touch with Clients Using Email & Video

Videos can also be emailed and are a great personal way for you to keep in touch with clients.

Wedding photographer, Anthony Vazquez, emails out a teaser of his wedding photos within 48 hours of shooting a wedding. He finds his brides email his video to all their friends and family, which just helps him get more referrals and business!

Check out more examples of users using Animoto videos for their business, or get started on creating a video of your own!