Prepare for Small Business Saturday with Video Marketing

Lauren Colman

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to promote your business and support your local community.

Take advantage of this post-Thanksgiving weekend tradition by spreading the word about your business!

Here are some ideas for marketing videos you can easily create with Animoto Pro for Small Business Saturday:

1. Introduce Your Store

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to encourage new customers to try your business. In addition to sharing special offers and sales, teach people about your business. Use pictures, clips, and text to explain what your business has to offer.  You can include anything from pictures of products to your business motto.

2. Reveal Your Personality

What makes Small Business Saturday special is that it’s about supporting the local community and economy. Use pictures that highlight what makes your business different from big box stores and chains, such as your unique interior, friendly employees, and special product offerings.

3. Create “Pictures” of Text

If you can’t say what you need to within the current character limits, create a picture of text! Use programs like Paint, Preview, or Photoshop to type out your message save it as a JPEG, GIF, TIFF or PNG, then upload it to Animoto. Share your store hours, location, and special promotions.

Once you’ve created a video, share it via social media and email!

If you are an Animoto Pro user who is using an Animoto video to promote your business in a cool way, email us at and tell us know your story!