5 Ways to Take Your Video from Good to Great

Lauren Colman

Taking your Animoto video from good to great

Animoto makes it easy to make videos for your business. You’ve made a really good video. You picked the perfect video style, maybe even customized it for your brand. We’re here to help you take that good video and make it great. Check out these tips to take your work to the next level.

  1. Keep it short. Try to keep video length to 90 seconds or less. Audience attention spans are getting shorter. A viewer’s attention span is even shorter online. You will lose more than half your audience at 60 seconds so be sure to put your most important information at the beginning of your video.
  2. Dress it up. You spent a lot of time and money perfecting your company’s brand. Upload your logo using the Add Your Logo to make your video look more professional. Be sure to use the highest quality images and video clips you have to make the video crisp and visually interesting.
  3. Add text. Use captions and title cards wisely. Well-placed text can add a lot to your video, so be sure to call out your most important message to viewers. We recommend adding title cards every 3 to 5 images.
  4. Pick the right tune. Select the perfect song to set the tone for your video. You’ll be surprised how the right beat will seriously boost your message.
  5. Keep it going. Give the call-to-action feature a try. Direct viewers where you want them to go after they finish watching your video. Do you want to send them to a page with more detailed information or direct to a purchase page? Are you trying to get leads? Send the viewer to a contact form or start a new email.

It’s that easy. Spend a few extra minutes perfecting these five things and you can easily take your good video and make it a great video. Get started on your business video.