Create Compelling Business Videos With Photo Captioning And Text

Becky Brooks

Longer Captions for Animoto Video

Video photo captioning and text fields allows you to use words in your videos much more effectively.

Here are a few examples of how businesses are using these features already to promote themselves.

Testimonial Video

Don’t have video testimonials? No problem!

Just ask a few of your best customers or clients to write you a few words about why they love your service or product. Add your logo and perhaps a few product shots and voila… you have an effective testimonial video.

Here is an example from I Kill Fat: Manhattan Personal Training. Remember to use the Call-to-Action button feature to turn this video into an actionable link that brings people to your website.

Product Deep Dive

NYC bicycle store, Urban Motion, uses Animoto to give product overviews of the many bikes they sell. The captioning and longer text fields allow for a more descriptive overview of their products.

With over 40 video styles available with their Animoto Pro account, their videos don’t all look the same. They can even find the style that best aesthetically fits the product they’re showcasing.

Introduce a New Collection

Organic baby and children apparel line, Sweet Spud, uses video to introduce new collections. Their newest collection has inspiring quotes from important historical figures like Gandhi.

Animoto’s captioning feature allows them to not only showcase the product in a more readable way, but also give important product information.

And with over 1,000 songs to choose from with their Animoto Pro account, they can find a song that conveys the sweetness and softness of their 2013 Collection that matches the inspirational and organic vibe of their brand.

Go Behind the Scenes

Wedding photographer Casey Fatchett not only creates videos for clients, but also creates “Behind the Scenes” videos that he shares on social media.

With so much work going into a photo shoot, he’s able to give a glimpse into his creative process. This really shows all that goes into creating his end product (which, in his case, is awesome photography). Plus, it’s a fun way to give props to the people who were involved in making the shoot happen.

He uses words in his video to tell this story because while a picture does say a thousand words, sometimes you need just a few more.

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