Inspiration: Telling a Story with Video Marketing

Megan O'Neill


Today we’re pleased to introduce you to Jeremy Ellsworth, who we met in our Animoto for Professional Photographers Facebook group for photographers. Jeremy is a portrait photographer based out of Lee’s Summit, MO.

“I create awesome portraits of awesome people,” he told us, “specializing in Senior Guys. I love creating images in abandoned buildings and places that many photographers won’t go. It brings an additional element to the art of the portrait and it brings my creativity to life.” Jeremy’s creativity also comes to life in his marketing videos, which do more than just present his photographs — they speak to his viewers and tell a story. You can see this in action in his 2016 holiday marketing video, which was one of the winners of our #AnimotoForever Video Contest.

Jeremy has been using Animoto for slideshows on and off for six years, but just started using video as a tool for marketing his business five months ago, when we launched our Marketing Video Builder. “This feature actually convinced me to reinvest in Animoto for my business. It makes designing a marketing video super simple.” Here’s another example of Jeremy’s video marketing. This one tells a story to appeal to artists.

3 Tips for Effective Storytelling for Social Media

We asked Jeremy what inspired him when he sits down to make a marketing video. He told us, “Inspiration is an interesting thing. I’m not sure I can pinpoint a specific.” However, he did provide four tips he keeps in mind when telling stories through video.

Tip 1: Choose topics that connect with your audience

“I would say that I try to find inspiration in things that I believe will connect with my audience and still show my personality,” says Jeremy. As an example, during the presidential election, he posted the following video. The video appealed to the conversation that was happening in the News Feed, telling a relevant story.

Tip 2: Evoke emotion

“My ideas usually are to the point and try to evoke some sort of emotion.” This works especially well in the photography business – portraits are all about emotion. Tell a story that your viewers can relate to and that will make them feel something. The holiday video above is a great example of this.

Tip 3: Keep it short and sweet

Finally, Jeremy says, “I believe less is more. I don’t want the message to get lost or the audience to lose interest. When creating videos with the new Marketing Video Builder, which I love and use the most, my approach is to hit quick and make an impact.” This example serves up a simple message – your photos deserve to be seen in print – in under 30 seconds.

“I always try to keep my videos under the Instagram minute. That way I can share them across platforms without having to make multiple versions.”

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